General Information and Schedule of Event


To provide a fun, low-cost event which allows teams to: enjoy using their robots again, give more students an opportunity to drive their robot. expose new students (families, sponsors, etc.) to a FIRST competition.

The major Rules for this Competion are:

  • Robot driver/operator, human player and pit crew must be high school aged girls.
  • Male team members can be in the pit but only in support/ advisory role.
  • We will use all IRI rules. One additional rule is each team of the 4-team alliance must play at least once in the playoff.


$250 - Make check or P.O. out to "GVSU-Girls Robotics"
See Registration Page Page for more details

Teams Sponsoring this Event:

  • Team 5256 - The Atomics of Lakewood High School
  • Team 2771 - Code Red Stray Dogs
  • Team 3875 - Red Strom Robotics of East Kentwood High School

Event Coordinator
Brain Gray (Team 5256 Mentor)

Assitant Event Coordinator
Mallorie Edwards